Feral Feet Case Studies

Inspiration & Knowledge Base

  • Pete Ramey - Hoof Rehabilitation Expert
  • Paddock Paradise - create the ideal home environment for your equine
  • Horseshoeing Theory & Hoofcare - Leslie's book (published in the 70s) that made a major impact on farriery and paved the way for the natural hoof care movement.
  • The Natural HorseJaime Jackson's presentation of his field study on wild horses that became the premise of the natural hoof care movement.
  • Founder - This is an eye opening book that questions a lot of the conventional assumptions about laminitis and founder. A must read for anyone with an afflicted horse.
  • Fran Jurga's Hoof Blog - News and info on hoof care and equine lameness
  • Hoof Explorer - Interactive 3D models of hoof anatomy from the outside in. 

Tools & Equipment

Approved Hoof Care Products

  • Renegade & Viper Hoof Boots - A good fitting hoof boot for most hoof shapes. I can help you determine what size your horse needs. Preferred by trail and endurance riders.
  • Hoof Boot Swap - An online marketplace for used boots.
  • Vettec Hoof Care Products - I frequently use SuperFast, Adhere & Sole Guard for various applications in my practice.
  • Reducine - Used to treat thrush and medicate deteriorated horn. A 16oz. tin will last you a good long time.
  • Venice Turpentine - Used regularly to strengthen sole and white line. Works by drawing out moisture and creating a protective, antimicrobial barrier.
  • 100% Bleach - Apply with a wire brush to dissolve grit, treat & prevent thrush, and help dry out the hoof. More effective and cheaper than any other hoof treatments that I've worked with.
  • Biotin Hoof Blast - There is mounting evidence that feeding biotin has no effect at low doses. Hoof Blast has five times the biotin of nearly every other supplement available on the market. I have seen some (not all) horses improve quantity and quality of horn production on this supplement.
  • V.I. Horse Supply - Our local source for many hoof care products (including vet wrap, cotton packing, hoof building supplements), feed, nutrition advice, friendly conversation, etc.