Neena's Transition to Barefoot

Our first meeting. 5/29/2016

Our first meeting. 5/29/2016

Nina is a Warmblood who recently relocated to Vashon from SoCal. She's 20 years old and has been retired from her career as a jumper. Nina's new owner is mostly using her for trail and beach riding.

She had been conventionally shod her entire adult life and has been challenged by suspensory ligament injuries, discomfort in her feet, and inflammation up and down her front limbs. Watching her move, it was obvious she was landing toe first which has contributed to a severely distressed and stretched lamina. Certainly not a recipe for comfort. Her hooves were very narrow and heels extremely constricted, likely due to repeatedly poor trimming jobs by previous farriers. Of note, she is going barefoot with a lot of heel to start off with. It is possible that excess heel has been encouraged as part of the 'corrective shoeing' protocol, or that Nina's hoof form developed as a protective response to stress in the leg or shoulder.

In addition to going barefoot, Nina has had a major lifestyle upgrade. From life inside a box stall at a large barn in SoCal, she has moved outside to a dry lot pasture where she is living with two other horses. She also now has full-time access to hay via slow feeders. I'm really excited for Nina. She is getting all of the right support from the humans in her life to make her transition to barefoot a success.

5/29/2016 - Deshoe & First Trim