The Feral Feet Story

Leslie Emery took me under his wing early in our friendship and promised to teach me everything he knew about working with horses. I've taken those many lessons and the rest of my equine experience and launched a full fledged and expanding hoof care practice.

I've since had the opportunity to travel across the state and Northwest to work with horses in a broad range of climates and conditions. I draw from the entire body of hoof care knowledge from Xenophon to Teske -- not one particular teacher, dogma or technique. From day one, Leslie encouraged me to think for myself and question everything, especially him! With that strategy, I've been able to expand the depth and breadth of my practice without being encumbered by a specific set of rules.

I didn't grow up around horses. What got me into hoof care was the experience of learning how to ride several years ago and the adventures on horseback I've had since. I want the horse I'm riding to feel the same freedom I get to feel when we're moving out on the trails. Good hoof care is a crucial part of that. I'm also an advocate of farming with horses/animal power and find great joy in working with barefoot draft horses. 

I am committed to bringing my knowledge, experience and capacity as a healer to my clients' equines. I am in awe of the horses I work with and wish to serve them with intention, attention and a full heart.

-Benjamin Scott-Killian

Leslie Emery, PhD - Consultant

Leslie, a co-author of the influential Horseshoeing Theory and Hoofcare, brings 40 years of experience and knowledge to aid the practice. As a recognized expert in equine physiology and locomotion, he takes a ‘whole horse’ approach to hoof care. His use of innovative shoeing techniques have helped many horses transition to barefoot care successfully.

Leslie is also the inventor of a tool line geared towards natural hoof care practitioners and horse owners called Evolutionary Hoof Care. We use these tools in our practice and offer them to our customers.

Special thanks to Matt Lawrence for taking the photos found throughout this website. 

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